Air EMS a Forward Step in Treatment Services

8/10/2014 12:00:00 AM
By the implementation of the health system reform plan in our Country Air EMS is now providing services in Bushehr province.

Dr. Ali Reza Raeisi at the opening ceremony of Air Ambulance: The aim is to shorten the time of delivering the patients at a critical time to the health centers and hospitals.
Air EMS (HEMS) is providing services in the case of natural disasters or accidents that causes the closure of the roads, said the chancellor of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences.
Due to the favorable conditions of EMS in our province the Air EMS (HEMS), using a helicopter, provides services when the land EMS is not possible, added Dr. Ali Reza Raeisi.
Implementation of the health system reform plan in our province is a great opportunity to improve the quality of health services and treatment, said Dr. Raeisi.









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